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Transform into a cat with these ear cuffs!

「Creature Ear Hooks」by Jingai Soushokusho

These earcuffs are created with tabs that hold on to your earlobes for stability and ease of wear, and are wired inside to be pliable to fit to your ears.

◆Please refrain from getting this product wet.
◆The curve of the ears are wired and are adjustable, but to prevent the wires from breaking, please adjust bit by bit.
◆The coloring on the fur is dyed and may bleed, please handle with care.
◆Please note that each item is handmade and may vary slightly from photos. (Fabric pattern, etc.)
・Ear size (not including beads, etc.)
Height: ~7cm
Width: ~7cm
・Materials: Cotton, rayon, acrylic, metals

Cat ear cuffs: Hana

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