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FanimeCon 2022: Metamorphose Fan Coordinate Review - part 2

As part of Metamorphose's remote participation in FanimeCon 2022, we facilitated a fan coordinate review panel. We received so many submissions that they didn't fit into the one-hour time slot! Thank you all so much.

Upon discussion with Metamorphose, we did a random selection via a random number generator and included half of the 60 coords in the video that was shown at the panel.

You can watch the video here!

The remaining coords that did not make it into the video were still reviewed by the designers, and here are their comments.

Here's part two!

Please check out part one here.


Message from Metamorphose:

Hi everyone, my name is Taira and I’m one of the Metamorphose designers.

Thank you very much for all of your submissions for the FanimeCon coordinate commentary panel. As mentioned in the video, we were worried about the number of submissions at first, but were very pleasantly surprised to receive far more than we expected. We were very moved by everyone's passion for Lolita Fashion!

Unfortunately, we were only able to include about half of the coordinates in the video, selected randomly. Therefore, we’ve decided to post our comments on the coordinates that we were unfortunately unable to mention in the video in text form. This was a great opportunity for us to look at all of your coordinates carefully, and we were surprised at many of the discoveries we made.

We hope that everyone reading this will take a look at the coordinates and talk about them within the community and amongst your friends. We’re sure that you will find many opportunities and inspiration to enjoy Lolita Fashion from them. I hope that our comments both in the video and in this text, although short, will reach your hearts and become a part of why you enjoy Lolita Fashion.

And if there are people around you who would like to try Lolita Fashion, please show them how fun and charming it is. I believe there is nothing more wonderful than us spreading Lolita Fashion all around the world.

The following are our comments on each coordinate.

Xaynie (pronounced: zay-nee) is wearing the Dim Light jumper skirt in navy with a hat, and white jabot, and white long boots.
20) Em (they/she) - Magical Artefact

20) Em (they/she)

IG: emagick

Local witch goes shopping for antiques! This is the Magical Artefact ribbon JSK in Heliotrope. It was a cold day, so I wore a black velvet cowl-style top and layered the Magical Artefact mini cape over it. I wanted to be the spookiest person at the antique mall!

Comment from Metamorphose:

Magical Artefact stars in this coord and is perfect for their theme! Their hair color and unique accessories tie the theme together very well and we feel the excitement of antique shopping just by looking at their coord.

I’m sure they were the spookiest person in that antique mall, I wonder if that’s the backdrop? It’s great that the backdrop becomes part of the coord here.

21) Wendy (she/her) - Twinkle Journey

21) Wendy (she/her)

This outfit stars Meta's most recent re-release of "Twinkle Journey". I remember when this print was first released years ago, so when it came out in my size I had to grab it! I strove to work with the black and white color scheme to create contrast and highlight a magical feel.

Comment from Metamorphose:

She made great use of the open front design of the JSK and did indeed use the two contrasting colors brilliantly! We really do feel an air of magic as she said, and it all matches so well with the giant tree in the background for a festive feel as well.

22) Wendy (she/her) - Daydreaming Goldfish

22) Wendy (she/her)

This dress uses Dreaming Goldfish, your original plus-size release! I had never worn "Wa Lolita" before, but sought to bring in all the "main" colors of the dress and really highlight the vibrancy and brilliance of the design.

Comment from Metamorphose:

The same person submitted a completely different coord here too. She said this was her first time trying Wa-lolita. However, we feel that she did a great job with this coord by tying the red accents from the JSK to her hair accessories and shoes and balanced out the colors very well.

The choice of blouse here with the irregular sleeves and the socks break up the heavy feeling that a red x navy combination can give and lifts up the coord in theme with the goldfish in the print. We can really feel that she is enjoying lolita fashion as much as she can from all of the coords she submitted. Thank you so much!


24) Michelle (she/her)

IG: Michemagius

This coordinate uses my favorite dress, the Swan Lake Frill JSK! I wanted to pull the different blue tones from this print to feature in this coordinate.

Comment from Metamorphose:

She submitted a coord using a very nostalgic JSK and playing with the various blues in the print, just as she said. The vibrant blue bolero contrasts with the black base color of the JSK very well and leaves a nice lasting impression. The iconic Metamorphose swans and motifs in the print are also brought to life in her necklace and rings, along with the blue theme tied in very well with all of the items chosen carefully for this coord. We can tell that she paid a lot of attention to the details.


26) Michelle (she/her)

IG: Michemagius

This coordinate uses the Fruit Punch Soda mini skirt. I wanted to mainly use pinks and yellows for this coordinate to give it a pink lemonade theme.

Comment from Metamorphose:

This is yet another wonderful coord by the same person. This one is a 180 from the previous one with the bright pink bringing the iconic sweet lolita look in a pop style.

She brings the yellow from the print in the skirt to the various accessories she is using and it makes a really cute coord using pastel colors other than pink. For example, the lavender in her bracelet and legwear tie the coord together and balances out all the different pastel colors very well. All of her coords have great use of accessories to tie into a theme and are very iconic. Thank you!


29) E (they/them)

IG: Theacalix

The inspiration behind this coordinate was to lean into the magical theme of the print, in an OTT and elegant way. I wanted to portray a goth magical girl witch.

Comment from Metamorphose:

We couldn’t help but notice the extravagant feather accessory!

I wonder if it’s handmade?

The very unique accessories fit very well with their theme and look great on them. The layering of the purple underskirt and tulle overskirt breaks up the colors and balances out the coords very well! Their hair color and makeup also tie into the theme and bring about very elegant mystical vibes for a really great, complete coordinate.


35) Melodia (she/her)

IG: MelodiaaMagica

The inspiration for this coordinate was "Back to School"! I used the Apple Shirring JSK for this coordinate. I wanted to add pink accents to bring out smaller details in the print and I was hoping for an elegant yet sweet coordinate.

Comment from Metamorphose:

While using the pinks and reds from the JSK print, she broke up the colors with an off-white blouse and socks, and we feel like this coord technique is a must-know for lolitas! The color balance between her hair accessory and bag, as well as her cardigan and shoes are great and the coord is very complete and adorable. Wouldn’t it be fun to wear this to school~♪


36) Melodia (she/her)

IG: MelodiaaMagica

This OTT Sweet coordinate is inspired by the Honey Picnic JSK and features the matching headbow. The theme was a sweet pancake picnic. I made the pancake brooch myself to match the coordinate!

I tried to complement the warm tones of the dress. My favorite style point are the puff hair clips, to match the ears of the bears in the print. So fluffy!

Comment from Metamorphose:

This is another adorably sweet coordinate by the same person. She is so cute and fits the sweet pancake picnic theme so well! The bear ears are so cute and in theme with the JSK print - but what’s most impressive is that the color of the ears and her hair color match so perfectly! Her handmade pancake brooch is also adorable and we could feel that she paid attention to all the details. The bag’s natural materials and texture also fit in very well with the picnic theme. Thank you for your submissions!


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