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FanimeCon 2022: Metamorphose Fan Coordinate Review - part 1

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

As part of Metamorphose's remote participation in FanimeCon 2022, we facilitated a fan coordinate review panel. We received so many submissions that they didn't fit into the one-hour time slot! Thank you all so much.

Upon discussion with Metamorphose, we did a random selection via a random number generator and included half of the 60 coords in the video that was shown at the panel.

The remaining coords that did not make it into the video were still reviewed by the designers, and here are their comments.

Here's part one of the remaining coords, and we will be posting the remaining over the next couple of weeks, so check back!


Message from Metamorphose:

Hi everyone, my name is Taira and I’m one of the Metamorphose designers.

Thank you very much for all of your submissions for the FanimeCon coordinate commentary panel. As mentioned in the video, we were worried about the number of submissions at first, but were very pleasantly surprised to receive far more than we expected. We were very moved by everyone's passion for Lolita Fashion!

Unfortunately, we were only able to include about half of the coordinates in the video, selected randomly. Therefore, we’ve decided to post our comments on the coordinates that we were unfortunately unable to mention in the video in text form. This was a great opportunity for us to look at all of your coordinates carefully, and we were surprised at many of the discoveries we made.

We hope that everyone reading this will take a look at the coordinates and talk about them within the community and amongst your friends. We’re sure that you will find many opportunities and inspiration to enjoy Lolita Fashion from them. I hope that our comments both in the video and in this text, although short, will reach your hearts and become a part of why you enjoy Lolita Fashion.

And if there are people around you who would like to try Lolita Fashion, please show them how fun and charming it is. I believe there is nothing more wonderful than us spreading Lolita Fashion all around the world.

The following are our comments on each coordinate.

Xaynie (pronounced: zay-nee) is wearing the Dim Light jumper skirt in navy with a hat, and white jabot, and white long boots.
4) Xaynie (she/her) - Dim Light

4) Xaynie (she/her)

This is one of my favorite cuts and prints from Metamorphose. Dim Light JSK in navy. I also just bought this in burgundy.

And you can't see it here but I also have matching tights on!

Comment from Metamorphose:

She submitted her favorite Dim Light series. And she just bought it in burgundy!

Thank you so much.

We’re loving the elegant and classy coordination here by tying it together with the white blouse and boots. The unique hair accessory and even the matching mask, we can see she put a lot of thought into the details too.

6) Xaynie (she/her) - Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome

6) Xaynie (she/her)

This is the Macross x Metamorphose collaboration item: Sheryl Nome full set. I loved this piece and it was one of my favorite collaborations. I usually don't wear white but the white version is my favorite.

I wish I had gotten a better photo of this.

Comment from Metamorphose:

The same person submitted a completely different coord. This collaboration is so nostalgic! She said this was one of her favorite collaborations, and we can really tell that from the photo.

I’m also glad to hear that this collaboration gave her the opportunity to wear white, a color she seems to not usually wear.

We are very happy to hear from her message that she would have liked to submit 50 coords if she could have and look forward to another opportunity to see her coords! Thank you so much!

7) Teseya (she/her) - Dim Light

7) Teseya (she/her)

I am wearing Meta's Dim Light in plus size from the recent release. I have paired it with the shoulder cape from a previous release, and the matching OTKs. I used gold, wine and Ivory accents.

This was my Christmas Day coordinate. The day was just spent at home with my family, but I had to wear it because the candles just made me think of the holidays.

Comment from Metamorphose:

This submission features items from various releases of the Dim Light series. We can tell you love this print from the fact that you own multiple releases, thank you very much.

The Christmas tree in the background makes for a great photo, thank you for wearing this on such a special day to spend with family. The coord is tied together with off-white and lightens up the burgundy color, and represents a Christmas outfit perfectly!

8) Teseya (she/her) - Juicy Basket

8) Teseya (she/her)

This dress is Metamorphose's Juicy Basket in the black colorway. It is one of my most favorite dresses in my wardrobe, the colors are so vivid and I love the heart shaped lemons so much. The black colorway brings out the colors and patterns the best.

This was my Valentine's Day coordinate actually. I went with the theme of hearts, rather than a traditional Valentines color scheme of red, pink, and white.

Comment from Metamorphose:

This is another coord from the same person. The vibes are completely different from the Christmas coord and this one fits the sunny setting so well!

Despite having a black base, the shoes, belt, headdress, and innerwear are all using off-white or lighter colors which lightens up the coord as a whole and prevents the black from being too heavy. She decorates with small fruit motifs throughout the coord as well and makes this the perfect sweet and sour coord for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for your submissions!


12) Chloe (she/her)

I love this fully shirred Metamorphose JSK and the caplet has kept me warm all winter!

Comment from Metamorphose:

This coord features a very orthodox Lolita look with pink as the main color. The tiered JSK is fluffy and balances out the silhouette of the cape, she looks like a lovely doll! Even her bag and umbrella are pink, maybe it’s even her favorite color?

Her phone case that we can see in the photo is also very cute and even feels like part of the coord. Solid colored items have a different type of cuteness to them than prints and we hope to see more people experiment and play around with them!


17) Ellie Vyra (she/her)

IG: ellievyrawrestling | Youtube: Ellie Vyra

Strawberry Garden Frill is one of my all time favorite JSKs. It's so comfortable that I wear it all the time, and because of that I've coordinated it in some pretty strange ways. This outfit is one of my all time favorites for this dress.

I tried to imagine what I would look like as a human strawberry plant, and brought in as many details of green for the stem and leaves, yellow and white flowers, and red gems into the ensemble as I could to play off of the theme. These pieces don't look like they belong together, but I think the final outfit is cute and unique!

Comment from Metamorphose:

This is such a fun and interesting coord where she turns herself into a strawberry! From her red hair, her makeup, and the strawberry stem headpiece, to the socks and the vine-like colored legwear, and the blouse and shoes that reflect white strawberry flowers, she IS the strawberry! Down to her nail color and glasses, as well as her ring and earrings, we can tell she paid a lot of attention to the details of this coord. Furthermore, using a printed blouse with a printed JSK is a very advanced coordinating technique and brings out the best of the strawberry theme. Above everything, we can tell that she’s having a lot of fun with the fashion!


19) Ellie Vyra (she/her)

IG: ellievyrawrestling | Youtube: Ellie Vyra

Daydreaming Goldfish Hakama JSK was the first of the Metamorphose plus size releases I bought and the first time I got to try out Wa-lolita. It arrived at my door at a really hard time in the middle of the pandemic when I really needed a pick-me-up and it delivered on that!

It was the first time in my life that a Japanese Lolita brand had accommodated my size and height so well, I truly felt like this dress was made for me! I paired the JSK with my favorite off-brand pieces at the time, my husband called this my "British Coord" because it reminds him of the Union Jack flag, even though it's all Japanese style!

Comment from Metamorphose:

This is another interesting coord from the same person. We think this coord looks great on her despite being her first Wa-lolita outfit! We are also very happy and honored to hear that this dress was able to cheer her up in the middle of the pandemic. The flowy sleeves on the blouse she’s wearing is almost like the tails of the goldfish in the print and match the overall theme very well. The balance of colors is also great throughout the coord, from the cuffs to the hair accessories, down to her feet. Thank you for submitting multiple coords!


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