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Affiliated Brands

Check out our growing line up of amazing designers and artists from Japan!

We have products for them in our online store or as part of our traveling stock at upcoming events. You can also reach out to us to book any or multiple brands for your next event!

Ruan (pronounced: roo-ahn) of Morun x Muuna Stoik (pronounced: mo-run moo-nah stoic) creates gothic and classic lolita clothing and accessories, specializing in vintage inspired hats and headdresses.

Miyuki (pronounced: mee-yoo-kee) of MYK Work (pronounced: M-Y-K work), formerly Eyelashes by Miyuki, creates wearable art to be enjoyed by everyone, largely taking inspiration from nature’s wonders such as plants and botanicals, as well as butterflies.

Chiharu (pronounced: chee-ha-ru) of Orishian (pronounced: o-ree-si-ahn) is a traditional Japanese Kanzashi artisan and creates intricate hair ornaments that even professional Geisha love. Her work varies from simple hair clips to accent a wa-lolita coord to extravagant hair pieces for that OTT goodness.

Haru (pronounced: hah-rue) of Pastel Parade specializes in using unique materials to create the most decadent dessert-themed accessories. Take your coord to the next level with her work, and you don’t even have to worry about cavities!

Arisa (pronounced: ah-ri-sah) of rubyBlossom is fairly new to the market, but her taste in elegant jewelry is second to none. Her pieces will be perfect for your next classic lolita coord.

Maika (pronounced: my-kah) of Silver Star creates fascinating spooky cute accessories using original bisque doll parts, all made in house. Her pieces are one of a kind and are great for doll lovers, spooky lovers, and goths too!

Bun (pronounced: boon) of Vierge Vampur (pronounced: vee-erge vam-pure) focuses her creations around the concept of “cute, but with a dark twist” and sets herself apart from everyone else by making truly unique designs.

And More!

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