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Flores Astorum started out as an online store carrying products from various Japanese small businesses, focusing on Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL) and alternative J-fashion. We have now expanded to facilitating remote shopping, remote panels at conventions and events, and representing, contracting, and bringing guests to events. Let us bring you fashion programming that will wow your audience!

We also provide proofreading and editorial services between English and Japanese languages and cultures.


Meaning "Flowers of the Stars", Flores Astorum aims to bridge the distance between Japanese alternative fashion brands and the rest of the world. Each designer is like a shining star, and their works are like flowers that make the world more beautiful piece by piece!

Our goal is to make J-fashion more accessible and inclusive, because everyone deserves to be kawaii (or kakkoii) regardless of their location, age, gender, size, or skin color. We encourage everyone to be their authentic, shining selves, and we would love to help make that happen. Please join us in our journey as we strive to make the world a safer space for self expression and unique identities! Feel free to reach out with any inquiries via the contact form.


The Pengu Behind It

Pengu is trilingual (English/Japanese/Mandarin, all fluent/business level), has been a part of the lolita fashion community since 2008, and has been going to events and conventions for just as long. She has worked as an interpreter at various events in the US and has been in charge of J-fashion guest relations, including both pre-con outreach/contracting and on-site handling/interpretation.

Flores Astorum is one part of her business under Sunflower Seed Company, which also consists of a proxy shopping service as well as Hoshi no Hanazono, a service that brings Western EGL and kawaii brands to Japan.

In addition to the work she does at Sunflower Seed Company, Pengu wears many hats - mother (to a human and a cat), full-time translator/interpreter/editor (for games) and Head of Communications at Pretty Princess Club.

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